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News Flash:

"Trendy Pictures is very proud to announce that we have signed the awesomely talented Geo Santini as Director of "Organized Criminal."

Geo is a dedicated and passionate artist... and we have no doubt that Geo will make this an absolutely amazing film!


-Trendy Pictures, LLC.

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"Defending Your Art" by Erica Hughes, "Spielberg's Favorites" by M.E. Krueger, "Marketing Magic: A Do It Yourself Press Kit" by James W. Layne,  "How to Pitch a Cartoon", and Contacting an A-List Actor by Erica Hughes.

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News Flash/update:  On set photos of the short film "Organized Criminal" (directed by Hotel California's Geo Santini)








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What's Machinima?

Machinima is a film making technique that uses real-time video game technology to shoot and render movies using a 3D virtual set.

2020 A.D., a feature animated movie directed by E. Hughes is on sale now! - click here to experience Machinima technology in all its CGI glory!

Movie Storm Press Release  for 2020 AD

Storm Hour Radio interview with E. Hughes for 2020 AD : Writer's Bootcamp supports both writers in the industry and writers working on scripts. Membership and coursework will help writers develop and sharpen their screenplays into professional quality material. The L.A. based organization not only offers script consultation, but membership in an ever growing community of budding writers to professional Hollywood industry insiders (see the Alumni page for who-who's ).  offers a place on the web for authors to submit articles about their books. Visitors can post reviews, comment, visit the message boards and exchange material. There is also a free Screenwriters Directory. For listing purposes screenwriters can submit articles about themselves and their experiences. Check it out!


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